What Is A Branding Photoshoot And Why You Need To Do One


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by sarah elrod

realtor branding photoshoot in downtown Placerville California

Branding photoshoots are more than just headshots. They are the visual representation of what your brand is all about. The first impression a potential client see’s of you and your offerings. Branding photos can help your client get a peek at what working with you is going to be like and ultimately help them decide whether or not they want to purchase/book.

I really believe that any kind of content you can put out there of yourself is going to help your brand grow. Things like Reels, iPhone photos, and so on. You do not have to have a super fancy camera to make great content. However I do believe in the power of investing in your business and getting some solid foundational photos that can show up across your platforms that are professionally curated and thought out.

As a branding photographer myself, and frankly as someone who has done many branding photoshoots for my own business, I can tell you that those images have far more power than any of my product images do.

It’s important to showcase who you are, and why people should choose you. Don’t just let your work speak for itself. YOU are the reason why someone will pick you over someone else. And branding photos are how you are going to make that statement. Not convinced yet? Well, keep on reading cause we are going to dive in deep in this post on why your brand needs to do a photoshoot.

Branding photoshoot for a realtor specializing in horse properties

Who Are Branding Photoshoots For

First of all, let’s talk about who exactly a branding photoshoot is for. Hint: they are for everyone! Yes, that means you too! Branding photoshoots are good for doctors, lawyers, realtors, travel agents, florists, business coaches, photographers, social media managers, podcasters, and so much more.

They are for any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow some kind of online presence and attract their dream clients. Brand photos will help you stand out in your industry and showcase your personality!

realtor branding photoshoot in downtown Placerville California

Things To Consider Before Booking A Branding Photoshoot

While a branding photoshoot is beneficial for any kind of business, there are some key things you may want to consider before taking the plunge and investing in one.

Questions I think you should ask yourself are:

Am I clear on who my ideal client is?

Do I know what kind of service I provide and how the experience makes my clients feel?

What kind of emotions do I want people to have when working with me?

How do I help people?

When you are able to get extremely clear on your brand overview it is going to make the photo creation process that much easier. You will be able to incorporate those feelings, ideas and visuals into your photoshoot. If your ideal clients are people that drive pickup trucks, then you can incorporate a pickup truck into your photoshoot. Maybe you want to work with people who own horses, sweet! Include a horse in your photos.

Often times what I have found is when I almost stereotype my images, they tend to do better. As good or bad as that may sound. Personally, my ideal clients are people in their mid to late 20’s and they have a passion for ranching, agriculture, and western lifestyle/fashion. These are all things I include in my brand visuals as well as in my business copy.

If I post a photo wearing a cowboy hat, it will be more likely to attract my ideal customer because subconsciously they are going to notice the hat, assume we must like similar things, and be more willing to look at my content.

Final Thoughts

If a branding photoshoot is something you are considering for you business, the best way to get started is by finding a photographer that has a style you like. Most photographers are not going to want to change up their editing just for you. So it’s best to find someone who already has the look you are going for.

You are also going to want to create a mood board of images, ideas, poses, props, and so on of the things you want to include in your photos. Do not walk into this photoshoot blindly. Your photographer should also help with some of this too.

When it comes down to it, remember that this is fun! And it’s something you should enjoy doing. Do not think of this as some corporate boring headshot you have to take. Think of this as the way you are going to find the people you love. It’s like the photos you would choose to put on a friendship tinder profile. The more creative and unique they are, the better!

Be yourself, get creative, and build that business girl.

If you are interested in booking a branding session with me, please click here to fill out my contact form: http://sarahelrod.com/contact


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